The greatest fear for any web designer is producing a website for someone that doesn’t know what they want and what they like but more what they don’t like. Working with Aine and Jack at As You Like It Arts in Kingston Upon Thames proved to be the polar opposite of this problem. They knew exactly what they wanted, how they wanted it to look, the colours, the graphics and the layout. Working with them to create their site was refreshing, especially being told what was wrong and what they wanted changed rather than aimlessly stabbing in the dark to get it right.

Criteria wise, content was a major concern for them. Being an events company, they had alot of things going on and wanted to equally show case each of their products. Initial speculations on site size were relatively small however the site grew substantially as the ideas flowed and the possibilities manifested themselves. Standard features such as social network integration were key however more interesting features such as combined static and dynamic pages based on content they were going to be posting really started to take a hold of the site. The site is now intricately linked with minimal onward editing necessary to keep the feel of the site alive. They are free to post articles as and when they feel necessary and the current configuration within WordPress means they don’t have to  be well versed in WordPress to continue the site post production.

The website also makes use of external and internal linking keeping navigation simple and also adding to the ever so precious need for Google Juice. The images on the site, all taken by a professional photographer add a real sense of professionalism, sometime waivered by other sites in favour of using low quality, point and shoot photography.

Overall, a very interesting project and a pleasure to work on.


Project: Completed!